Stone decor: practical aspects


The pattern of the slabs, and sometimes the structure of the stone, makes it necessary to pay attention to the manufacture of products that require the bonding of two or more parts of the slabs together.

Sheets and slabs with marble patterns and large veins

In a product that requires the bonding of two or more parts of the slabs, the marble pattern and the pattern of the veins are interrupted along the joints of the slabs. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully select the pattern of the parts used so that the product as a whole looks harmonious. However, this approach may result in additional material consumption.

Glitter decor

Sheets and slabs with glitter decor have the property of refracting light differently depending on the position of the light source. Therefore, even with perfectly executed jointless bonding, a product made of solid surface will show that it is assembled of two (or more) parts if these parts are cut without taking into account the direction of glitter. A similar problem can occur with the edge: the countertop will gleam nicely, and the edge will look matte.

We recommend designers and fabricators pay attention to this feature. Our company has developed a special guide for the correct processing of glitter stones, which can be provided by the company's managers upon request.

Butterfly decor (Bookmatch A, B)

Some decors of ceramic slabs with marble veins are available in two versions - A and B. Decor B is a mirror reflection of decor A.

So if you put slab A and B next to each other, you will get a “butterfly” or “open book” - a pattern that looks especially impressive on the walls.

Granite pattern

The granite pattern of slabs (decor with inclusions of different sizes, from the smallest sand to larger ones and even with 3D effect) is the most popular among customers. Slabs and sheets with such a pattern usually belong to the cheaper category and are in high demand.

For products made from solid surface that are used intensively, it is recommended to choose a light decor with a granite pattern. Small scratches will hardly be visible on these surfaces. Although quartz has a very high resistance to scratches and scuffs, the recommendations are similar.

Solid surface with large inclusions

Some models of sinks and washbasins, especially those with smooth, rounded shapes, should not be made of solid surface with large inclusions. In addition, a slight change in the colour of the stone in the finished product is possible. Dark, saturated colours are more likely to change hue.

Before including a particular sink model in your project, consult with the countertop and sink manufacturer.

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