Types of slab surfaces


Slabs made of quartz, solid surface, and ceramics are produced with different finishes (surface finishes): polished, matte, semi-polished (satin, soft-touch), and embossed (textured).

Some manufacturers offer slabs with different types of surface finishes.

A solid surface is usually produced with a polished finish. Quartz surfaces and ceramic slabs can have any finish - it depends on the brand.

A polished finish

is the most popular and is offered by almost all brands. The slab has an absolutely smooth reflective surface. Items made of slabs with a polished surface are the easiest to care for. Dirt and fingerprints are easily removed with a regular sponge and soapy water.

A matte finish

makes the surface less slippery. Objects with a matte surface have practically no reflective effect.

The care of matte surfaces made of quartz is more difficult than those with a polished finish.

Meanwhile, ceramic slabs with matte finish are more unpretentious than polished ones. Many people prefer objects with non-reflective surfaces in their interiors because they believe they look more respectable.

The semi-polished finish

gives a soft, muffled, reflective effect. The terms "satin" and "soft-touch" are sometimes used for semi-matte surfaces. Surfaces with a semi-matte finish are very beautiful, but such slabs cannot be produced by all brands.

The embossed finish

suggests a specific pattern, that can be felt when touching the slab's surface. The depth and pattern of the relief can be very different. Textured surfaces, for example, imitate the marks of a hard metal brush on a smooth surface. Slabs with embossed surfaces are very decorative and effective, but they need to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt regularly.

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